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Pipe valves testing

We can perform testing of your industrial pipe valves as part of input and production control on the basis of ADL factory in the Kolomenskiy district.

Pipe valves testing on the basis
of ADL industrial complex

Automated and up-to-date machines fleet enables pipe valves leak testing without detriment to existing production line:

  • Butterfly valves DN 250-1200 for the air pressure from 0 to 12 bar and water pressure from 0 to 40 bar;
  • Ball valves DN 50-1200 with extended ends for the air pressure from 0 to 25 bar and water pressure from 0 to 60 bar.

All testing and measuring equipment has necessary valid attestations as well as all verification and calibration certificates.

Moreover, we can perform the following additional tests:

  • ultrasonic testing of thickness up to 50 mm;
  • check of metals and cast iron hardness in accordance with HB, HRC;
  • ultrasonic testing of welds;
  • check of dielectric cover by electrical discharge method (breakdown) up to 25 kW;
  • check of different kinds of insulation (breakdown) with permissible leakage current up to 6 kW;
  • check of coating thickness (iron-based paint coatings and iron-based dielectric coatings);
  • chemical analysis of iron-based metal;
  • roughness measurement up to 12 Ra.
These test results can be used in the internal reporting for acceptance and quality control of the manufactured equipment.
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