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Pipeline valves and fittings for the Ukraine Hotel, Moscow


the Ukraine Hotel


reconstruction of the legendary Ukraine Hotel


From 2007 to 2010, the Ukraine Hotel was under a large-scale reconstruction which involved all utilities and technological infrastructure of the site. The heating, ventilation and hot water supply system was fully replaced. All modifications were aimed at the improvement of the general hotel class and ensuring maximum comfort and safety for its guests that became possible due to the implementation of up-to-date solutions for high-rise buildings.

We recall that the Ukraine Hotel is one of the highest buildings in Russia: together with a 73-meter spire, it is 206 m in height. Therefore, engineer solutions for this building as well as for other buildings of this type are characterized by strict quality requirements.

For the project of reconstruction of the Ukraine Hotel, 2 pumping units for pressure maintenance were used produced by Flamco, a Holland ADL’s partner. Flexcon MPR-S equipment with design pressure of 1.6 and 2.5 MPa and capacity from 200 to 2,000 litres was installed in three zones of the heating and ventilation systems. Heat capacity of the systems varies from 0.33 Gcal/h to 5.5 Gcal/h, water volume in the system is from 6 to 50 m3, and static height is from 17 to 138 m.

The equipment installed is used for maintenance of constant pressure in heating circuits and ventilation systems of high-rise buildings and for compensation of thermal expansion, de-aeration and compensation of heat carrier losses. Pumps of the pumping unit can work both in sequence and in parallel depending on the controller settings.

Application of the units ensured maximum automation of operation of the mentioned systems; at the same time, space was saved due to the compact design of the unit (as compared to conventional expansion vessels).

As for the expansion vessels, their use turned out to be reasonable for two ventilation systems in additional rooms on lower floors (including the fitness centre) where the system volume was not more than 4 m3, capacity was not more than 0.45 Gcal/h, and static height was under 7.5 m. In these areas the same Flexcon CE vessels were installed of 140 l volume.

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