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Individual Heating Unit (IHU) for Zaovrazhye Residential Area, Obninsk


Zaovrazhye residential area, residential district No. 1, apartment house


delivery of IHU to ensure reliable operation of the heating and hot water supply systems


The new residential area Zaovrazhye is located in the northern part of the city of Obninsk. The area will consist of 4 residential districts forming from separate blocks of houses, which will be provided with all necessary infrastructure facilities (underground parking facilities, kindergartens and schools, shops, etc.).

For comfortable stay of future new occupants in the house of residential district No. 1, ADL Company produced an individual heating unit with general heat load of 1,335 kW. The IHU consists of two modules: independent heating system and two-stage hot water supply system. The uniqueness of these modules appears in assembly on tube-and-shell heat exchangers of coiled type, which are easy to keep any quality of coolant and do not require annual maintenance.

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