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Equipment for a heat supply unit of Emerald residential complex, Moscow


heat supply unit of Emerald residential complex


selection and supply of equipment for the individual heat supply unit of the residential complex


Emerald residential complex is a modern business class residential complex of four buildings with varying number of storeys designed for 379 apartments. The first two storeys will be occupied with offices and modern social infrastructure facilities. It is also planned to arrange an underground parking for 524 cars.

The residential complex is connected with a two-storey heat unit with separate autonomous heat consumption groups of systems of different purpose. These groups are represented by heating systems of residential premises of the 1st and 2nd zones, ventilation systems of non-residential premises (offices, social and cultural/entertainment areas), heating and ventilation systems of the underground parking, and hot water supply system of the 1st and 2nd zones.

Heating systems of the 1st and 2nd zones are equipped with Flamcomat automated pressure maintenance units and ventilation systems of non-residential premises and heating and ventilation systems of the garage are equipped with Flexcon diaphragm-type expansion vessels supplied to the site by ADL.

Our company also supplied to the site TORK valves, Beeval flanged steel ball valves, VYC170 and VYC172 check flanged string valves, IS16 water strainers, Pregran and Prescor S safety valves, Granval butterfly valves, and Zetkama ball valves.

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