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Electric equipment for Triumph-Palace tower building, Moscow


Triumph-Palace residential complex


ensuring control and complex protection of pumps used in heating, hot water supply and cold water supply systems


Triumph-Palace is a prestigious residential complex in Moscow. After spire installation at its top the tower was recognized the highest residential building in Europe with its height of 264.1 m.

Triumph-Palace is fitted out with engineer and technical systems corresponding to the high world standards of elite housing. Emotron frequency converters that were installed at the residential complex for the first time during its construction in 2005 are integral part of these systems. Emotron products have proved themselves as modern, high-technology and fault-tolerant devices. That is why ADL took part in a project for modernization of the central heat supply station of the residential complex in 2011 and supplied Emotron FDU 2.0 NGD improved frequency converters.

The new converters have all necessary control and protection functions ensuring favourable operation modes and preventing undesirable downtimes (that is critical for water supply to residential premises), excess power consumption, wear of mechanisms and accidents. Emotron frequency converters ensure full protection and the most effective operation of pumps. Among other significant advantages of FDU 2.0 NGD converters is their reliable steel casing of IP 54 protection level that allows the frequency converter to be installed in the immediate vicinity of the pumps that, in turn, reduces the cost of manufacturing of additional cabinets and saves the time that is also critical for central heat supply stations.

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