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Supply of equipment to a water intake station, Novokuznetsk


Kuznetskaya CHP


increasing the volume of water intake from the water intake station on the Tom River


The history of Kuznetskaya CHP started in 1940 when the technical project for this plant was developed. In the end of 1942, a 24 MW turbine generator dismantled from the second Leningrad municipal power station and two boilers with chain grates of 75 t/h capacity were delivered to the site. In the same year, a 20 MW turbine generator and two boilers with chain grates of 90 t/h capacity were delivered from England.

It took great efforts and inventiveness for construction and assembly staff to accelerate the CHP commissioning. Lacking parts were manufactured on-site in shops of Kuznetskiy Metallurgical Plant and Gurievskiy Metallurgical Plant.

Currently, Kuznetskaya CHP is a plant supplying heat to central districts and industrial enterprises of Novokuznetsk and Kuzbass branch of ОАО Kuzbassenergo. For the last two years, residents of Novokuznetsk receiving water from there complained about its low quality and decomposed odour. It was caused by seaweeds that overgrew in the water intake channel in summertime. In 2012, the situation reached its height and the governor of the region ordered that CHP took water directly from the Tom River instead of the channel as it had done before. From the mid-summer and till the end of 2012, separated water intake station and pipeline were constructed at the site for the purpose of water intake from the Tom River by passing the silted channel.

ADL supplied equipment for installation at the switching point on the pipeline section from the point of water intake from the river to the existing facilities of boiler and turbine shop of Kuznetskaya CHP for the purpose of increasing the volume of water intake from the water intake station.

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