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Modernization of a water supply station, Rostov-on-Don


municipal water supply and sewage facilities


construction of a new water intake channel, modernization of water supply and sewage facilities


Rostov water supply station is the largest public utility company in the South of Russia supplying water to Rostov, Aksay, Bataysk and, in the nearest future, to Taganrog in accordance with all applicable standards.

As part of an investment project for construction and reconstruction of water supply and sewage facilities in the Rostov region, ADL proposed a number of technical solutions and helped to implement them.

For example, a task was set to reduce pressure in the pipeline designed for municipal drinking water supply and technical water supply to industrial enterprises of the region with consumption of 1,970 and 1,600 m3/h, respectively. This task required serious engineer solutions to be developed in connection with severe restrictions in terms of dimensions and uneasiness in maintenance as the utilities are located in an underground service well. It was decided to arrange two pipeline threads downstream the intake station and install Mankenberg reduction systems at each thread.

On the drinking water supply thread, Mankenberg reduction valves with pilot control were installed that were specially designed for cold drinking water installation. A special water treatment system was installed upstream the valve that ensured full elimination of abrasive particles from the water.

On the technical water supply thread, a DM814 reduction valve was installed with an in-line design ensuring easy installation. Considering that the technical water contained small abrasive particles, the valve was manufactured of a wear-resistant material.

Using ADL equipment ensured not only conformity to the required system parameters but also reduction of repair and maintenance costs due to high reliability of the products supplied. It is also worth mentioning that the equipment was manufactured for particular customer’s system parameters; at the same time, optimal prices and delivery terms were ensured.

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