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Pipeline valves and fittings at MOEK facilities, Moscow


facilities of Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK) such as central and standalone heating stations and boiler houses


protection of a pipeline system from excess pressure rise and occurrence of return flow


Main task of MOEK is to ensure high-quality and reliable heat and hot water supply to Moscow. The company operates in the area of production, distribution and sales of heat energy. MOEK provides its services daily to more than 70% population of the capital and to hundreds of enterprises and organizations. The company services 9,446 central and standalone heat supply points, 70 district and quarter heat stations.

These facilities were the consumers of our products, namely, Pregran safety valves and VYC check valves. Thanking to the ADL’s industrial equipment department, utilities of heat supply points in our city will be reliably protected and, therefore, our winter will be warm.

Due to the flexible approach and a clear task elaboration as well as to close cooperation between employees of Kolomna pumping equipment department, it is our pumping unit that protects the process of production of Russian VAZ cars from fire.

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