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Equipping of a fire-extinguishing system at a pig farm, the Moscow region


Kampoferma pig plant


equipping of a fire-extinguishing system


KampoMos is a modern manufacturer of food products such as sausages, sausage rolls, French sausages, meat delicacies, snacks, pizza and semi-finished meat products. In 2006, the company declared its plans to build an own pig farm named Kampoferma in Zaraysk, the Moscow region. It was one of the most large company’s investments for the last ten years.

In the course of selection of equipment for the fire-extinguishing system the customer established severe restrictions for dimensions, location and diameters of suction and discharge headers. In addition, the pumping unit had to ensure the required performance and liquid pressure characteristics, conform to the up-to-date fire safety requirements, and have a back-up working pump as an obligatory condition. In the course of project development the working parameters and dimensions of the pumping unit were adjusted.

Finally, the customer selected Granflow UNVp 5 DPV 65-20 5.5 kW РР 250 mm pumping unit consisting as many as five vertical multi-stage pumps of stainless steel manufactured by DP-Pumps, a Holland company.

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