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Equipment for modernization of Dmitrogorskiy Meat Processing Plant, the Tver region


Dmitrogorskiy Meat Processing Plant


reconstruction of a boiler house and modernization of a steam and condensate system


Dmitrogorskiy Meat Processing Plant is a leading industry enterprise of closed cycle (from feed-staff cultivation and livestock breeding to processing and sales) in the Tver region. The product range of the plant includes more than 250 product names of sausages, sausage rolls, bacon, gourmet foods, and hand-moulded ravioli and stuffed dumplings.

The official opening of the pig farm took place in 2008. It is designed for simultaneous keeping of 54,000 pigs and can produce 22 tons of pig meat per day (up to 9,000 tons per year).

In 2014, ADL supplied a large range of equipment produced both by ADL and by European partners for reconstruction of the boiler house and modernization of the steam and condensate system.

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