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Packaged supply of equipment for Nykomed plant, Yaroslavl


Nykomed pharmaceutical plant


ensuring effective operation of the steam and condensate system of a boiler house


In June 2010, as part of the visit of Vladimir Putin to the Yaroslavl region the groundbreaking for Nykomed plant was conducted. Total amount of Nykomed’s investment into the plant construction is EUR 75 million. The investment project is implemented with extensive qualified support of the government of the Yaroslavl region and Yaroslavl city administration.

The new enterprise will produce drugs for the Russia-CIS market that amounts to over 10% of the overall production volume of Nycomed and plays a significant role in the company development strategy.

ADL performs packaged supply of more than ten equipment names for the steam and condensate system of the future plant including safety, reduction and non-return valves, shutoff valves, mesh strainers, steam traps, air separators, and sight glasses.

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