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Modernization of Selkhozkadry boiler house, Volgograd


Selkhozkadry district boiler house


technical upgrade of the boiler house


In the course of construction of a new residential district called Novy Svet in Volgograd it was decided to conduct reconstruction of the existing Selkhozkadry boiler house for heat supply to Novy Svet with economy class apartments concurrently with construction of a kindergarten, school, shops and other infrastructure facilities.

During the reconstruction of the district boiler house, the existing non-operating boilers and associated equipment were dismounted and general work was performed aimed at increasing of the number of blast-relief elements in the boiler house. New German gas boilers were also installed designed both for heat supply to the new residential district and for future construction in the Sovetskiy district of Volgograd.

Granreg KM304F three-way control valves were used in designing of the boiler house to maintain the rated temperature on return to each boiler. To prevent pressure rise above the rated value, two Pregran spring safety valves were installed for each pump on the heating water delivery pipeline. Flexvent automated air vents were installed on the top points of the pipelines for air extraction from the heating system. Flexcon CE closed diaphragm-type expansion vessels were installed for compensation of thermal water expansion induced by change of the water temperature and for ensuring of reliability of operation of the equipment and heat supply networks of the buildings, and Airfix expansion vessels were installed for the cold water supply system to prevent hydraulic impacts in the charge system.

Granval flanged butterfly valves with reducers and handles were used as shut-off fittings. To prevent the transmission of vibration, noise, hydraulic impacts etc., FC10 flexible inserts (vibration dampeners) were installed upstream and downstream the pumps. In addition, ADL installed valves, check valves, manometers and other equipment and fittings in the boiler house.

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