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Automation of the cold supply system of the ground hall of Admiralteyskaya metro station, Saint Petersburg


the ground hall facility of Admiralteyskaya metro station


automation of the cold supply and air conditioning systems


Admiralteyskaya metro station is one of the deepest metro stations in the world (86 m). It was structurally built in 1997 but was opened only in the end of 2011 as the decision on location of the ground hall was delayed due to construction difficulties related to conditions of historic development of Saint Petersburg city centre.

The most suitable place for the hall construction was the intersection of Malaya Morskaya Street and Kirpichny Lane but a residential house was located there at that time. In 2009, the building was knocked down and the facade elements were dismounted and used for decoration of the newly built building into which the metro hall was incorporated.

In 2013, Grantor control cabinets supplied by ADL were included into the scope of automation equipment of the building cold supply system and metro hall.

The developed and assembled automation system is designed for cold supply to the building consumers and works in an energy-efficient cold production mode with the use of the so-called free cooling system.

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