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Pipeline valves and fittings for OAO Krastsvetmet, Krasnoyarsk


OAO Krastsvetmet


monitoring and control of process medium in nitric acid pipelines


OAO Krasnoyarsk Non-Ferrous Metals Plant n. a. V. N. Gulidov is the largest world plant specializing in refining (a metallurgical process for production of high-purity precious metals by disengagement of impurities) of all platinum-group metals as well as gold and silver.

The precious metals refining process at Krastsvetmet has no parallel in the world. It is based upon original technological diagrams developed by scientists of USSR Academy of Science as far back as in Soviet days. The plant has own scientific and research base and full-cycle production facility where the most advanced equipment, tools and technologies produced by world leaders are used. Nitric acid is used in precious metals refining in the key method of evaluation of the gold content in gold alloys. That is why nitric acid pipelines must be monitored at the highest level.

The project was implemented with the great support of a regional ADL’s representative in Krasnoyarsk. Due to joint efforts, the equipment was quickly delivered to the customer and installed within the required time.

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