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Equipment for cooling and heating systems at the heater plant Forte Prom, Volgograd


Plant Forte Prom


delivery of industrial equipment for cooling and heating systems of production departments


Forte Prom is a modern integrated works of manufacture of aluminum and bimetal heaters. The plant is situated in Volgograd and supplies the Russian market with its production from 2012.

In 2015, for modernization of Forte Prom cooling and heating system of production departments, ADL supplied with Grantor control boxes with Grandrive integrated frequency transducers, Ebara pumps, Granreg three way control valves, Pregran spring-loaded pressure relief valve, and Granval interflanged butterfly valves.

In addition, Flexvent air-release valves to remove air from the heating system, Granlevel expansion tanks of NM type to compensate thermal expansion of the water and ensure reliability of the equipment, and Flexcon CE to prevent water hammer in the cooling system were installed on the facility. To prevent transmission of vibration, noise, water hammer, etc., flexible connectors (vibrocompensators) FC10 and FC6 were installed before and after the pumps are installed.
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