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Dosing pumps for Slavneft-YANOS, Yaroslavl


Novo-Yaroslaskiy Oil Refinery (OAO Slavneft-YANOS)


precise dosing of chemical agents and corrosion inhibitors


Novo-Yaroslaskiy Oil Refinery was commissioned in 1961. Since 1995, the company is owned by Slavneft, a vertically integrated oil company. Today, OAO Slavneft-YANOS is one of the largest Russian enterprises producing oil products.

The product range of the plant includes high-quality motor gasoline, environmentally friendly diesel-fuel, aviation kerosene and jet fuel, wide assortment of oils, bitumen, paraffin and wax products, aromatics, liquefied gases, and heating oil.

In 2012, ADL supplied two Milroyal D dosing pumps of special design to the plant. The dosing pumps of reciprocating type with hydraulically-driven diaphragm and variable-length plunger travel were equipped with hydraulic drives and manufactured in accordance with EExd IIBT4 explosion protection standards. Using of trace heating jacket for circulation of the heating liquid during the operation allowed maintaining the necessary temperature of the pumped product even at ambient temperature of −45°C. Dosing of the process fluid is performed with the accuracy of up to 0.17 ml at the pressure of 80 atmospheres.

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