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Coated fittings for a sulphuric acid warehouse, the Krasnoyarsk Territory


The sulphuric acid warehouse, Olimpiadinskiy Mining and Processing Plant


supply of coated fittings


The sulphuric acid warehouse at Olimpiadinskiy Mining and Processing Plant owned by ZAO Polus, the largest gold mining company in Russia, is used for acceptance, storage and giving-out of sulphuric acid to the gold recovery plant.

The warehouse is a stand-alone facility located in the production premises of the Mining and Processing Plant. Its capacity is 5,600 tons that is equal to a three-month reserve required for the period when the Yenisey crossing is closed.

ADL supplied a large amount of Swissfluid coated fittings, namely, SBV ball valves with PSQ electric drives of different diameters DN 25-150 for the warehouse pipelines.

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