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Caprari drainage pumps for Boguchansk Hydroelectric Power Plant, Kodinsk


Boguchansk HPP


pumping of liquids and immersed operation


Boguchansk HPP located on the Angara River near Kodinsk, the Kezhemskiy district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, is one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Russia. Main tasks of the staff of Boguchansk HPP include further construction of Boguchansk HPP, commissioning of 9 hydroelectric units and ensuring of power supply to consumers in the period of plant operation.

ADL supplied Caprari КС+, a unique series of high-capacity pumps, to this facility. Electric pumps of KС+ series have been specially designed for pumping of liquids and immersed operation. The pumped media may contain gases, solid particles and long-fiber materials. These pumps can work both in stationary and mobile mode and feature an electric drive of double service life ensured by the application of twinned mechanical gland. The pumps are widely used for water removal during construction of hydraulic facilities, for example, for de-watering of air-lock tank and after-bay pit.

The pumping units supplied turned out to be compact, low-noise reliable equipment with high capacity and energy saving properties.

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