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Automated fire extinguishing system for Lebedyanskiy production plant, the Lipetsk region


production plant of ОАО Lebedyanskiy


equipping of two production shops and warehouse with an automated fire extinguishing system


ОАО Lebedyanskiy is a Russian branch of PepsiCo having the largest production plant in Eastern Europe and being one of top ten world juice manufacturers.

The project for automated fire extinguishing system implemented by ADL is worth mentioning due to at least two aspects. Firstly, the company had to make a packaged supply of equipment and materials including polyethylene pipes and vessels for fire water storage. Secondly, all the equipment had to have FM Global international certification. Therefore, the sprinkler system was assembled with the use of non-welded joints that reduced the assembly time by 65% as compared to use of welded threaded joints and provided a possibility to compensate small pipe misalignments at joints and preserve the pipe integrity as there is no need in metal cutting out the pipe for groove rolling.

The first supply of equipment for fire extinguishing systems to Lebedyanskiy plant was effected in 2011. From 2011 to 2014, we performed packaged supplies of equipment conforming to FM international certification such as fire sprinklers and deluge sprinklers, control units, non-welded joints for assembly of equipment and pipeline, Grantor control cabinets, Granreg valves, Granar resilient seated gate valves, check valves, fire water storage vessels (700 m3), polyethylene pipes and fittings.

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