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Pipeline valves for automated modular boiler house AMBH Inter-Thermogas — 4840 GT, Pyatigorsk


automated modular boiler house with 4.84 MW power


heating of Zori Stavropolya Sanatorium


Zori Stavropolya Sanatorium is a well-known full-range health resort located in the center of Pyatigorsk.

From the year of 2016, reliable work of the sanatorium heating systems is ensured by automated modular boiler house AMBH Inter-Thermogas — 4840 GT, with 4,84 MW power. The boiler house building consists of 3 fully prefabricated modular units with cladding made of certificated sandwich panels. It doesn’t need permanent operating personnel occupation.

For this boiler house ADL Company has accomplished delivery of Beeval steel ball valves, Granval butterfly valves, Flamco Prescor safety valves, IS16 strainers, and FC10 flanged flexible joints.

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