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Equipment for water supply to Novoe Tushino residential district (the Moscow region)


Novoe Tushino UP-residential district


construction of water-regulating unit for water supply to multi-storey residential area and infrastructure facilities


Novoe Tushino residential district is a new comfortable micro-district with fully-realized infrastructure located in the north-west of Moscow.

The total area of the residential district is more than 20 ha where 6 solid multi-sectional building units with varying number of storeys (17-22 storeys) as well as kindergartens, a school, a medical centre, a parking, and supermarkets are located.

To ensure comfortable living in the multi-storey residential area and reliable operation of the infrastructure facilities, ADL installed Granflow water-supply and fire-extinguishing pumping units and own-produced pipeline fittings and valves on the water-regulating unit.

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