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Equipment for reconstruction of a pumping station, Sayansk


IVth elevation pumping station


supply of equipment for reconstruction of a pumping station


Vodokanal-Service MUP supplies drinking water to more than 43,000 residents of Sayansk, to part of consumers in Zima (~3,000 people) and the Ziminskiy district (~2,800 people) and performs wastewater disposal in Sayansk. Large industrial and agricultural manufacturing companies are also among Vodokanal’s consumers. The water supply source for Sayansk, Zima, and the Ziminskiy district is underground water draught by Shekholayskiy water intake facility.

In 2011, the pumping station supplying water to Sayansk, Novo-Ziminskaya CHP and Sayanskkhimplast JSC was reconstructed. For reconstruction of the IVth elevation station Granval butterfly valves produced by ADL were used due to their lower cost as compared to foreign valves, less construction length, and high tripping reliability. All work related to the replacement of process pipelines inside the station, installation and start-up of the pumps was performed without a closure of water supply to consumers despite of the increased load of water supply to Novo-Ziminskaya CHP.

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