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Emergency water supply station on a water service company truck, Moscow


water service company truck powered by a Diesel-electric engine


equipping of the emergency water supply station


Ensuring comfortable living for people is one of the most important tasks of the housing and utilities sector. While power supply issues are effectively solved in case of an emergency with the use of mobile Diesel power stations, in an emergency affecting the mechanical part of pumping equipment or in case of disconnection of a residential building from water supply networks transported vessels with drinking water are used for the water supply purpose. This solution helps to satisfy the need for water for cooking and drinking but the possibility to use water for sanitary purposes (wash basins, shower cabins, toilets) remains very constrained.

In addition, according to the latest changes in the legislation the time of interruption of water supply shall not exceed 4 hours.

To solve the problem of operative water supply to residential buildings in case of an emergency, ADL developed and produced a truck-based pumping station in 2010. In 2014, the company received a new order for a mobile pumping station that was as well successfully supplied to the customer.

The project was fully developed and implemented by own resources of ADL.

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