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Flamcomat pressure maintenance unit for snow melting systems in the territory of Outlet Village shopping centre, Moscow


Outlet Village Belaya Dacha shopping centre


selection and supply of equipment for a snow melting system


Flamcomat pressure maintenance unit (Flamco, Holland) was offered for such application for the first time. The problem was that according to technical specifications use of a conventional pressure maintenance unit was impossible as glycol concentration was too high (43% instead of allowed 30%). This project was coordinated with an American design company.

Our experts jointly with European colleagues from Flamco developed a pressure maintenance unit of a customized design featuring special configuration of pumps in the control unit.

In addition to the pressure maintenance unit of special series, Flexbalance hydraulic distributors (hydraulic switches) were supplied under this project for another non-standard application in shopping centres with many shopping pavilions. In total, 187 hydraulic switches were supplied per each shopping pavilion of the centre.

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