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Monitoring and control of fire-extinguishing systems in Gimrinskiy tunnel, Dagestan


Gimrinskiy highway tunnel, the Republic of Dagestan


monitoring and control of fire-extinguishing systems


Gimrinskiy highway tunnel is the longest highway tunnel in Russia and CIS countries located in Dagestan. It ensures the shortest weather-independent transport connection for construction of Irganayskaya HPP and 9 districts of mountainous Dagestan with a railway and the centre of the republic. The length of the tunnel is 4,303 m, clearance height is 5 meters, travel width is 7 meters, and capacity is 4 thousand of cars per hour.

The tunnel is located in a clay limestone and sandstone formation at the depth of up to 900 m from the surface. It is lighted and equipped with automatic fire alarm and public address, security alarm, loud speaker, telephone, video surveillance, operational ventilation, and central dispatch control systems.

For a long time the tunnel was in unsatisfactory condition. The tunnel crown was not properly reinforced that resulted in underground water bleeding through. From the middle of 2000s the tunnel reconstruction was commenced. The final tunnel commissioning was carried out on October 02, 2012.

The maximum safety and preservation of this facility are a very important issue as any accident can induce a breakdown of the tunnel that will make the long work of a huge number of experts senseless and, moreover, will result in the need for almost 300 thousand residents of mountainous districts of the republic to get to the centre of Dagestan and back home by a many-kilometre long bypass road.

Together with a design institute taking part in laying of equipment for this project, ADL’s experts developed Grantor control cabinets designed for control of fire-extinguishing systems at the northern and southern portals of Gimrinskiy highway tunnel. Two fire-extinguishing cabinets were shipped, installed and are successfully operated.

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