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Complex supply of ADL equipment for Akvamir Water Park, Novosibirsk


IHP of Akvamir Water Park


complex delivery of equipment


Akvamir is the biggest Russian indoor water park opened in 2016 in Novosibirsk. The complex consolidates a water park, 150 play areas, thermal zones and a spa-center and its capacity is 2,500 people at a time.

ADL Company with the assistance of its official distributor in Novosibirsk has accomplished delivery of equipment for IHP of this water park. Particularly, the following equipment was installed: Granval butterfly valves, Granlock check valves, Beeval steel ball valves, Granbalance and VIR balance valves, Pregran safety valves, Granlevel expansion tanks, Tork solenoid operating valves, IS16 strainers, and Flexcon automatic pressure maintenance unit.

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