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Automatic process control system of boiler room Innopolis, SEZ


automatic modular boiler room with capacity of 32 MW


development and implementation of complex boiler room automation


Solution: Innopolis is new Russian city for IT specialists situated in Verkhniy Uslon area of Tatarstan. The total area of the city, which will be built up until 2030, is 1,200 hectares, and while the city is composed of 16 houses, 4 dormitories, university, technopark named after Popov, medical center, kindergarten, fire station and sports complex.

The city heating is provided from the modular boiler room with capacity of 32 MW, in which there are 4 boilers (2 boilers are with capacity of 10 MW, 2 boilers are with capacity of 6 MW) and the main fuel is natural gas (reserve fuel is diesel). The boiler room also includes buildings and structures of auxiliary use.

For automatic control of all the main processes of the boiler room, ADL developed and implemented the automated process control system (APCS) with hot standby of the main controller, control server and network structure. This technology allows to automatically transfer in shockless mode for backup equipment in case of failure of the main equipment without interrupting the process. Also, the algorithms of automatic blocking and protection were also been implemented to minimize the risk of process accidents.

For the project implementation, ADL equipment was used, in particular: Grantor control cabinets with Grancontrol controllers, Granpump pumps, Granval butterfly valves, Granreg three way control valves, etc.
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