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Valves and fittings for oil and gas production department of Tatneft, Tatarstan


oil and gas production department of Tatneft


Oil and gas production department of Tatneft is a structural subdivision of Tatneft Group. Main areas of activities of the oil-and-gas production department are oil and gas production and preparation for transportation, geological exploration, construction and development of new oil fields. The oil-and-gas production department performs such work as well drilling and repair, produced oil cleaning from water, sulphur, paraffin, and many other activities.

Tatneft is one of the leading companies of the country specializing in production of equipment for oil and gas industry and its products are in-demand not only among enterprises of Tatarstan but also among many Russian and foreign companies.

Tatneft’s management set a task of accelerated drilling of super-viscous oil fields within Sheshminkiy horizon of Ufimskiy level of Cheremshano-Bastrykskaya zone. ADL offered engineering solutions conductive to high-quality and fast completion of this task.

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