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Supply of soft starters for construction of oil production wells, Usinsk


Usinsk oil field


construction of oil wells


Today, Usinsk is a fast-growing industrial city known as the oil capital of the Komi Republic. There are more than 1,300 enterprises in the city employing more than 27 thousand people. The volume of oil production in Usinsk is more than 70% of the republican level.

Prospects for growth of raw hydrocarbon reserves are high enough due to additional in-mine exploration. Huge reserves and well-developed infrastructure allow increasing oil production volume, constructing new facilities, using advanced technologies, developing new fields and planning further development of fields in the north of Timano-Pechorskaya oil-and-gas bearing province.

ADL took direct part in construction of oil wells in this region for several times. In particular, the company supplied necessary equipment for beam pumping units being one of the key elements of oil wells operation. Beam pumping unit is important oil and gas equipment that is used as a mechanical drive for oil well sucker-rod (plunger) pumps. Structurally, beam pumping unit is a beam mechanism for sucker-rod pumps composed of a reducer and doubled four-bar motion.

Engineers of ADL’s electrical equipment department supplied more than 60 Emotron MSF pressure maintenance units with capacity of 75 KW. These units are used as motor drives for beam pumping units ensuring extended service life of the entire unit.

MSF soft starter protects the motor and driven mechanism from overloading ensuring soft start-up of the motor. Integrated load monitoring function allows monitoring of electrical motor overloading and underloading that, together with the developed communication functions of soft starters, ensures increased reliability of the entire unit.

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