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Supply of equipment to Lukoil Neftekhim Burgas, Burgas


Lukoil Neftekhim Burgas Refinery


ensuring uninterrupted operation of a compressor unit


Burgas is one of the largest Bulgarian cities with population of more than 200,000 citizens. This is a beautiful modern city, administrative and cultural centre, and a large industrial and transport hub. The key industry of Burgas is oil processing to which 84.5% of municipality proceeds are accrued. The largest Bulgarian and Balkan oil processing plant, Lukoil Neftekhim Burgas, is also situated in Burgas.

Especially for export and installation at this plant, Kazankompressormash is manufacturing 96GB-285/19S U2 compressor unit designed for flare gas compression at an absorption/gas fractionation unit of Lukoil Neftekhim Burgas. The unit has a form of two-stage screw rotor machine comprised by functional units located in a process compartment. ADL supplied all necessary equipment for plant installation and operation to the customer.

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