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Shut-off and control valves for boiler house, Nytva


boiler house with power of 32.7 MW (28.1 GCal/h) with fume stacks and general utility networks


modernization of Nytva heating system


For increasing reliability and quality of rendered services in heating of existing housing stock in Nytva there was made a decision to build two new modular boiler houses on the left and right banks of Nytvenskoye storage pond of the Nytva River.

In the context of construction, modernization and reconstruction of town heating system for the right-bank new boiler house with the design power of 32.7 MW (28.1 GCal/h) with fume stacks and general utility networks, ADL Company accomplished delivery of the following shut-off and control valves: Beeval steel ball valves, Granlock check valves, rubber expansion joints, IS16 strainers, Pregran safety valves, Granreg control valves and VIR balancing valves.

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