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Pekos ball valves for TAIF-NK refinery, Nizhnekamsk


TAIF-NK refinery


modernization of process pipelines with gaseous medium


ОАО TAIF-NK is the largest enterprise in the oil refining industry of the Republic of Tatarstan and includes a refinery, gasoline plant, and a facility performing deep processing of heavy residues. The enterprise is a key element of oil and gas processing activities of TAIF Group.

Main enterprise’s activities include: refining and sales of petroleum products and their derivatives as well as construction and operation of industrial plants in the petrochemical industry. The product range includes gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, vacuum gas oil

ADL supplied Spanish ball valves of Pekos brand made of carbon steel for the process pipeline system with gaseous medium of ОАО TAIF-NK. Pekos ball valves proved themselves as inexpensive in maintenance and reliable in operation.

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