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Modernization of heat supply networks for switching heat load to Astrakhan CHP-2


Astrakhan heat supply networks


supply of equipment for modernization of heat supply networks and switching heat load to ACHP-2


The project “Modernization of heat supply networks for switching heat load to Astrakhan CHP-2” implemented by LUKOIL-Energoengineering is aimed at redistribution of the volumes of heat energy supply to the city between AGRES and ACHP-2 that will allow increasing of efficiency and volume of production of electric energy and reducing of greenhouse gas emissions due to implementation of modern technologies for energy production based on the combined cycle gas turbine unit.

As part of the project implementation, ADL supplied own-produced equipment, namely, Stainval triple butterfly valves DN 500-700 and Beeval steel ball valves DN 25-600.

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