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Instrumentation for Kharampurskiy oil field


Kharampurskiy oil field


accelerating the oil production


Development of new oil and gas fields is often associated with the intensification of production to the detriment of future opportunities. In other words, at the initial stage of the well life cycle large amounts of oil are produced and at the same time future oil production on the entire field becomes more difficult or even impossible. Possible oil recovery loss can reach 10% annually. A similar fate befell the North-Kharampur oil field located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. The oldest field of Kharampur group of fields has been developed for more than eleven years. At the time, not enough attention was paid to the arrangement of organization to maintain the reservoir pressure, perform gas utilization, implement geological and technical measures to combat the flooding of wells. All this made an adverse effect on further production process at the field.

To increase the production of crude oil/gas, a technology of increasing of reservoir pressure is used. For this task, Ariel compressor units are used that actually pump gas into interstratal cavities therefore pushing oil to the surface. Specially for these compressor units, engineers of ADL’s instrumentation department supplied Muller МК25 solenoid valves. The valves control the dosage and feed of oil to the units’ consumption tanks. Due to the special explosion-proof design the valves can be operated without any loss of response speed even in heavily polluted environments.

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