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Individual Heating Unit (ADL IHU) for Sheskharis Transshipment Complex, Novorossiysk


the upper and lower platforms of the Sheskharis Transshipment Complex


reconstruction, 1 stage


The Sheskharis Transshipment Complex ensures stable oil transportation from oil fields in Western Siberia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, its supply to the Russian refineries and export transshipment.

The Sheskharis Transshipment Complex is a part of AO Chernomortransneft, a subsidiary company of PAO Transneft, which is currently implementing a comprehensive program of reconstruction of the complex to improve the reliability and increase the capacity of the facility.

ADL has produced an individual heating unit with general heat load of 278 kW for the Sheskharis Transshipment Complex, consisting of two modules, i. e. input and heat energy metering with manifold valve and dependent heating system with correcting pumps.

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