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Beeval ball valves for Gremyachinskoye potassium ore field, the Volgograd region


Gremyachinskoye potassium ore field


assembly of a sinking platform (lift) of a cage shaft


Construction of a cage shaft and a skip shaft is in progress on Gremyachinskoye potassium ore field in the Kotelnikovskiy district, the Volgograd region. The shafts under construction are required for mine preparation for development and production of potassium chloride at Gremyachinskiy Mining and Processing Plant. Shafts are needed for stable operation of the entire underground facility that will be located at the depth of 1,150 meters. Preparation for tunnelling period is conducted from 2012. Gremyachinskoye potassium ore field is to be commissioned in 2017.

In 2012, the customer company OOO EuroKhim-VolgaKaliy issued a tender for the project named “Hardware for assembly of sinking platform of cage shaft” which was won by ADL with its Beeval product.

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