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A pumping unit for the fire-extinguishing system of a petrochemical company, Nizhnekamsk


ОАО Nizhnekamskneftekhim


selection and supply of a pumping unit for reconstruction of linear alfa-olefins production facility


ОАО Nizhnekamskneftekhim is a Russian petrochemical company with production facilities located in Nizhnekamsk, the Republic of Tatarstan. Company’s operation area: production of synthetic resin and plastic of different types. The production line includes more than 120 products including synthetic resin of general and special purpose, plastic, monomers and other petrochemical products (ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, alfa-olefins, surfactants, etc.).

In 2012, the company’s management made a decision on the development of an extended basic project for production of linear alfa-olefins and planned to modernize the production facility for implementation of the α-Sablin technology. In addition, a decision was made on reconstruction of the fire-extinguishing system at the production facility.

ADL received an order for production and supply of a pumping unit for the fire-extinguishing system at the production facility of PAO Nizhnekamskneftekhim. The project was challenging as the company had to manufacture a structure with large diameters of collectors, concentric and eccentric reducers but ADL successfully coped with the task.

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