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Wika Control and Measuring Devices

Wika was founded in the middle of last century in Germany, and over this time, it managed to gain confidence of customers and become a leader in the market. The company is engaged in design and manufacture of control and measuring devices. The products are popular in many countries as they are reliable and highly accurate.

The wide range includes various products:

  • media separators;
  • thermometers;
  • pressure meters;
  • temperature transmitters;
  • pressure sensors, etc.

Wika has its own laboratory as well as an excellent scientific and technical base. Therefore, the companyТs employees manage to design fundamentally new devices and improve existing models.

Unrivaled German Quality!

Wika products can be considered the benchmark for control and measuring equipment. Products of this company are very convenient in service; they are characterized by reliability, durability and accurate error-free readings. All these properties can be safely attributed to all types of manufactured devices:

  • electronic;
  • mechanical;
  • mechatronic.

Every model is equipped with a safety system. The user has an opportunity to set up the required operational parameters at its own discretion.

Extensive Features of Products

Wika manufactures control and measuring devices that can be used in a variety of operating environments. High-quality materials capable of withstanding exposure to aggressive substances or high temperatures are used upon production. The companyТs employees develop and implement new equipment design and manufacturing technologies. Thanks to use of protective sleeves, failed devices can be replaced without interruptions in the operational cycle. Furthermore, the sleeve protects the equipment from potential damage.

Wika Equipment: Price

While buying control and measuring equipment manufactured by Wika, the consumer can rely on accurate, durable and reliable operation of the device. A wide range makes it easy to pick up everything you need to automate the operational cycle.
To review Wika prices, please, download the price list.

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