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Vir Balancing Valves

Vir, an Italian company, is a leader in manufacture of pipeline equipment. The companyТs products are recognized in European countries, and the company has become a serious competitor for the Scandinavian manufacturers.

Main advantages of the products:

  • eco-friendliness;
  • ease of use, installation and dismantling;
  • high accuracy of adjustment;
  • design reliability and durability;
  • long service life;
  • compliance with the set norms and standards of quality; availability of the Certificate of Quality.

Vir manufactures:

  • static balancing valves;
  • actuated valves;
  • butterfly valves;
  • ball valves, etc.

Field of application of these valves:

  • heating systems;
  • air conditioning systems;
  • water supply systems;
  • gas distribution systems.

With the help of this type of equipment, it is possible to maintain a perfect microclimate in any room both in a private house and in a large office or industrial building. Moreover, Vir equipment significantly reduces number of faults and failures in operation of the system, thus, extending its service life.

High-strength materials are used to manufacture static or dynamic balancing valves:

  • brass;
  • cast iron;
  • polypropylene;
  • stainless steel.

Industrial equipment operates within a wide range of temperature and pressure values.

It is important to note that the balancing valves do not require special tools for installation. Their installation is rather simple. They are also equipped with a fixed-size orifice. This device enables flow rate metering, prompt flow adjustment or shut down.

However, using the equipment of the Italian company, it is necessary to comply with the operating conditions (pressure and temperature). Every device is completed with relevant technical documents describing in detail type of the valve itself, range of the operating fluid as well as settings of the valve.

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