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Verderflex Pumping Equipment

Over many years, ADL, a Russian company, has been engaged in independent design and manufacture of equipment required for arrangement of utilities. Moreover, the company entered into cooperation with and acts as an official distributor of many foreign entities, one of which is Verderflex plant. The main type of activity of the UK company is manufacture of peristaltic pumps.

For more than fifty years, the company manufactures products for water purification and treatment, as well as for various branches of industry:

  • pharmaceutical;
  • chemical;
  • food, etc.

Principle of Equipment Operation

Verderflex pump design is unique and has no analogues. This equipment easily copes with work in the areas where the most severe requirements to quality of operations are set.

Glycerol-lubricated rotor rotates; herewith, the hose located within the housing is gradually clamped by heels while pumping liquid. When the heels are off, the flexible hose recovers its shape, and the abrasive particles embedded in the soft inner part resume movement along with the flow of liquid.

This type of pump can handle transportation of different operating fluids:

  • the equipment is not damaged while pumping highly corrosive or abrasive media;
  • smooth pumping does not damage delicate structure of the substance;
  • thanks to the vacuum, it is possible to pump high-viscosity products;
  • they are suitable for transportation of operating fluids with a high content of solid particles;
  • crystalline components do not form deposits inside the equipment and do not clog the hose.

Advantages of Verderflex Pumps

The main advantage of Verderflex pumps is high performance and incredible durability. Only hose which accounts for approximately 10% of the cost of equipment and can be replaced, if necessary, is subject to wear. The design does not have valves that can be clogged. The pumps are easy to install and maintain.

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