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Valpes Ц Everything for Pipeline Operation

Pipeline valves are devices mounted on the pipelines to control flows of different operating fluids by changing the pipe flow area.

To automate the control process, special devices, actuators, are used. They allow to remotely control valves, open and close them, and determine their position at a certain moment. One of the most famous manufacturers of this actuating mechanism is Valpes, a French company.

About the Company

The main product of this company is part-turn electric motors. They need to be installed on butterfly and ball valves. Valpes products are characterized by be following features:

  • no unnecessary parts;
  • fair price;
  • focus on creation of actuators for large-diameter valves;
  • individual testing of products for torque, functionality and end position setting;
  • manufacture of the product within 1-2 days.

ADL Ц Supplier of Valpes Products

Founded in 1994, ADL is one of the major designers and manufacturers of equipment used in the construction industry, housing and utilities infrastructure, and various branches of industry. We have two own manufacture workshops, a large warehouse and a logistics complex equipped with WMS. All manufacturing operations are performed at NC machines, and special testing machines control quality of products. Thanks to the reduced manufacturing cost, our customers receive equipment of European quality at attractive prices.

Moreover, ADL acts as an official supplier of products manufactured by Valpes, a French brand. In addition to a number of pieces of industrial equipment, the manufacturer is engaged in manufacture of pipeline valves. If you decide to order the valves from us, we are ready to arrange for a prompt delivery of your order. Should you have any questions, you can always contact ADL managers and clarify information you need.

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