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Swissfluid Pipeline Valves

Pipeline valves of this brand are ones in the greatest demand in the market thanks to their versatility. They are successfully used in various industries. For instance, development of the following industries would be impossible without these elements:

  • food;
  • chemical;
  • gas;
  • oil;
  • power engineering;
  • metallurgical, etc.

Product Range

Swissfluid brand manufactures various types of pipeline valves:

  • diaphragm valves;
  • check valves;
  • butterfly valves;
  • filters;
  • plug and ball valves;
  • flexible connectors;
  • sight glasses, etc.

Reliable Supplier of Swissfluid!

ADL operates in three main areas: design, manufacture of its own industrial equipment for construction, and housing and utilities infrastructure as well as supply of foreign process equipment to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

ADL production portfolio includes products such as steel ball valves, balancing valves, pressurization units, filters, separators, etc.

Swissfluid is one of the brands that we represent in the territory of Russia and some CIS countries. Product prices may be reviewed in a special section of our website. You can also contact representatives of ADL and obtain more detailed information on the product, methods and terms of delivery.

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