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SMS, a Turkish company, was formed in the mid 1980s. It is important to note that equipment assembly and manufacture workshops as well as the head office of the company are located in Istanbul.

The production facility is fitted with modern equipment and numerical control machines. The production process is automated. Virtually no manual labour is used at SMS plant.

The Turkish manufacturer pays great attention to modernization of production and implementation of up-to-date technologies. The companyТs solenoid valves are currently in demand worldwide, and they are exported to European and Asian countries as well as to the countries of Latin and North America.

Moreover, the Turkish company has about thirty representative offices.

ADL offers SMS Tork solenoid valves. It should be noted that all products of this brand are characterized by excellent quality and reliability. Before it is received by the customer, the equipment undergoes strict quality control.

Valves are tested for strength and potential leakage using special tests and devices which apply high pressure to the valve housing.

SMS Tork coils are also subjected to testing for short circuit and leakage.

The range of products of the company is wide enough to enable the customers to select the required equipment. These may be valves for piston pumps or vacuum, and solenoid valves for neutral and aggressive liquids and gases, and many other.

The valves can have a variety of connection options. The following materials are used to manufacture them:

  • stainless steel;
  • brass;
  • copper;
  • high-strength plastic and aluminium.

All products of SMS Tork brand are certified and fully comply with the norms and standards of quality.

ADL concluded an exclusive contract with the Turkish manufacturer. Our managers are ready to answer any of your questions. To obtain more detailed information as well as information on prices and equipment in stock, contact us by the phones or send an e-mail to ADL.

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