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Smedegaard (Denmark) is a company specialized in manufacture of circulator pumps for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Smedegaard pumps Ц excellent Danish quality and energy efficiency. Due to a wide range of products, you can always easily select the right pump size and optimal control system both for small household systems and for industrial high-capacity systems.

Smedegaard products include:

  • circulator pumps for air conditioning and heating systems
  • pumps for hot and cold water supply
  • equipment for control of pumps and pumping units.

Smedegaard circulator pumps are designed in accordance with the highest technical standards that can meet all requirements of modern heating and water supply systems. 4-speed regulation by manual switch allows the most optimal selection of the pump according to the requirements of the system. Performance of Smedegaard heat pumps is regulated either manually or automatically depending on the userТs needs, and housing design makes it possible to ensure reliable and long-term operation.

Although the design of the circulator pumps is a modern, there are a few conventional, well-tested engineering solutions: withstanding adverse regimes graphite bearings and balanced motor rotor making operation of the pumps quiet and ensuring their durability.

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