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Sigeval — a Leader in the Field of Pipeline Valves

Today it is impossible to imagine life without water supply and heating systems. Continuous improvement of design of these elements led to creation of pipeline valves. These devices are used to control operating fluid flowing in the pipeline. With their help, it is possible to shut down, distribute, regulate, mix and dispose of the flows.

Sigeval pipeline valves are products recognized by many countries and characterized by excellent quality and high reliability.

ADL — Jointly with Sigeval!

ADL, a Moscow company, successfully operates in the field of design and manufacture of production equipment used in the housing and utilities infrastructure, construction and various branches of industry.

In 2002, ADL jointly with Sigeval started production of Granval butterfly valves.

Pursuant to the used materials, butterfly valves can be used for:

  • potable, process and sea water;
  • gases (including natural gas);
  • oils and oil products;
  • aggressive and abrasive media;
  • in the food industry.

A distinctive feature of GRANVAL butterfly valves is a dismountable design which makes it possible to perform repairs by replacement of elements in a general workshop. We have a wide regional network throughout Russia, and representative offices in Belarus and Kazakhstan. In most cities there are their own warehouses. Do you have questions? You can always request assistance of our specialists.

Parameters of Pipeline Valves

This group of products includes various items. Herewith, all of them are characterized by common parameters: What shall be taken into consideration upon selection of a device for a particular pipeline?

  • pipeline nominal diameter;
  • pipe schedule;
  • medium temperature;
  • unit operating pressure;
  • test pressure.

Upon classification of pipeline valves, the following features are used:

  • method of operating fluid flow shut down;
  • field of application;
  • type of medium;
  • material of the housing;
  • control method;
  • purpose of the part;
  • method of attachment to the pipeline;
  • nominal diameter;
  • schedule.

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