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Schubert&Salzer: Innovative Pipeline Valves

Schubert&Salzer is known worldwide as an innovator in technologies of liquid and gas flow control. It has operated in the world market for nearly 100 years, but only the last 20 years it has been engaged in casting of pipeline valves. Its representative offices are scattered around the world: Belgium, France, the USA, India, and Great Britain, while the headquarters of the manufacturer is located in Germany (Ingolstadt).

What does Schubert&Salzer Manufacture and Sell?

The company specializes mainly in pipeline valves which includes design, manufacture and sale of:

  • gate valves;
  • faucets;
  • sanitary valves;
  • shut-off valves;
  • regulating valves;
  • positioners (analogue and digital), and controllers;
  • accessories.

Product range of the company is rather wide. The same refers to the range of fluids for which the valves are designed (water and gases, aggressive and abrasive media, food and loose media, pulp and crystallization-prone media). All products are characterized by high quality, reliability and durability.

Fields of Their Application Are Quite Varied:

  • motor-vehicle construction and shipbuilding;
  • woodworking;
  • chemical industry;
  • creation of rubber and plastics;
  • metallurgy;
  • textile industry, etc.

What Are Advantages of Schubert&Salzer Pipeline Valves?

  • diversity Ц the company is engaged in manufacturing of a large number of equipment of different specialization. Every year, its product mix is supplemented by new developments;
  • high quality of the products and their service;
  • reliability Ц it is guaranteed by the fact that materials protected against corrosion and wear are used for production;
  • availability Ц the company has more than 40 international partners all over the world; therefore, it is easy to buy its products. It is also inviting that the manufacturer sells the valves at reasonable prices.

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