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SAFI SAS is a manufacturer of polymer valves and fittings for chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, wood chemical and processing industry, mining and heat and nuclear power sectors.

ADL is an exclusive distributor of SAFI's full product range in Russia and Belarus.

SAFI's wide range of products and body materials allowing to deal with difficult challenges includes:

  • DN 15–150, PN 6–16 Ball Valves;
  • DN 50–600, PN 1–10 Butterfly Valves;
  • DN 15–450, PN 5–10 Swing Check Valves;
  • DN 15–200, PN 5–10 Filters;
  • DN 15–250, PN 2–10 Diaphragm Valves resistant to aggressive, hazardous and toxic media (PPH/PPATEX/GRPP, PVDF, PVC, PE, PA, etc.).

SAFI's valves and fittings are smoothly operable under the ambient temperature from –20 °С and fluid temperature of up to +120 °С.

SAFI's product components are made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastics using a special manufacturing technology contributing to higher performance of products under tough operating conditions and longer service life of the equipment. In addition, SAFI has its own material testing laboratory responsible for studying reactions between different body materials and fluids, including aggressive media containing abrasive particles.

SAFI's key customers and loyal clients in Europe include: BASF, Solvay, EDF, John Deere, etc.

To see a Letter on the Status of General Distributor (PDF, 313 KB)

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