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Reliable Fire Sprinkler: Fire Sprinklers

Reliable Fire Sprinkler is an American company that specializes in creation, sale and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems, valves and accessories.

Recall that the sprinkler is a primary fire-extinguishing subsystem which consists of a sprinkler head inserted into the sprinkler unit. Water in the head is kept under certain pressure. The head is located in the heat-sensitive glass bulb which easily breaks under the influence of certain temperature. Sprinklers cannot be reused.

What Are the Types of Reliable Fire Sprinkler Systems?

US designers have created a rich catalogue of fire-fighting devices in which there is a suitable option for any pipeline and premises. The company produces models:

  • with a low-melting plug Ц as soon as the air is heated to a certain temperature, the plug melts releasing the plug spacer and triggering the system;
  • with a glass bulb Ц the capsule (with 3 mm or 5 mm thick wall) contains certain amount of liquid. At normal temperature the substance in the glass capsule is in the liquid or gaseous state. If the temperature grows, the liquid expands, and the bulb breaks under its pressure.

Depending on installation, the devices may be made with upright and pendent socket as well as with horizontal, sidewall and vertical water supply. There are all-purpose and concealed sprinkler systems.

Depending on the system response rate, standard and quick response sprinklers can be distinguished.

What Are the Advantages of Reliable Fire Sprinkler Products?

The following may be referred to the advantages:

  • a wide range of sprinkler systems and spare parts for them;
  • many features of the system in the field of fire fighting;
  • reliability and durability (the devices can be used for at least 10 years);
  • high quality of service maintenance;
  • reasonable prices for fire-fighting systems and their maintenance.

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