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PS Automation


PS Automation: Industrial Automation

PS Automation is reputed to specialize in industrial automation including design and manufacture of systems as well as technical support. The main product of the company is automated systems, from the simplest to complex systems with a variety of options.

Wide Range of PS Automation Actuators

The majority of technical processes in the field of water supply and the power engineering, oil and food, pharmaceutical, gas and other kinds of industries must be performed 24/7 and without failures. It is the only case when the company can offer competitive services. In the event of an interruption it loses large sums of money and quality of offered service.

In order to ensure prompt and simple upgrade or re-equipment of the company, PS Automation manufactures a wide range of actuating units:

  • linear actuators for control valves;
  • quarter-turn electric actuators for ball valves and rotary gates;
  • part-turn actuators;
  • multi-turn actuators and numerous accessories.

The advantages of the devices are their compact and modular structure. Moreover, the actuators are classified as the dismountable ones which means that they can be repaired. Products have become known due to their high reliability and multifunctionality. They are made from durable materials which are well protected against wear and corrosion.

PS Automation: Professional Automation

PS Automation cooperates with the valve manufacturers, designers and end users. All this is done to create the most efficient devices for valve automation.

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