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Pekos: Leading Supplier of Ball Valves

Pekos is a Spanish brand known worldwide for its check and pipeline valves for the industry. Dealer centres of the company operate on all continents as its products have a number of advantages:

  • good application properties;
  • reliability;
  • excellent service maintenance.

Where Are Pekos Pipeline and Check Valves Used?

Check valves of Pekos are made from cast iron as well as from carbon and stainless steel. Technical characteristics of the valves are as follows:

  • maximum pressure amounts to 40 bar;
  • maximum temperature +350 C;
  • tightness class A;
  • dismountable and repairable;
  • minimum temperature for cast iron models -20 C, for carbon steel models -40 C, and for stainless steel models -60 C.

The above properties allow use of the check valves in fields such as water supply, chemical and petrochemical, mining and steel industries. High-temperature systems (steam, steam condensate) are no exception.

Please, note that depending on the field of application, the devices may be completed with levers, gearboxes, bare rods or actuators (electric/pneumatic).

What Are Advantages of Pekos Ball Check Valves?

The first and the most important advantage is dismountability and repairability of the devices. This means that the ball itself and seals are subject to replacement which differentiates the products from valves with all-welded housing. Let us remind you that special-purpose seals make it possible to use the check valves even for concentrated acids.

The second advantage is flange connection. This design makes installation and dismantling of the valve as simple as possible. ISO flange with which Pekos products are equipped is a universal one for actuators of a variety of types and manufacturers.

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